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Housing through Education.

A Pathway to Growing Capacity and Maintaining Sustainability.



In all my years of educating, the coolest thing I got to be a part of happened in the last month before retirement. Thanks Chief, Council, and YCHomes.

Peter Pavlich | Principle, Fishing Lake School



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The Importance of Partnerships.

The Importance of Partnerships.

HOUSING through EDUCATION contains two themes of learning: COMMUNITY HOME MAINTENANCE Workshops and JOURNEY to APPRENTICESHIP Programs. The workshops are for your youth, generally grade 1 to 12, community members and can even be used as training for new housing staff. Serving a large percentage of people at a community level in Chief and Council, housing staff, educators and elders. We appreciate that so many people have embraced and assisted us in creating HOUSING through EDUCATION and its content and we are honoured that you see our vision too. The youth are your future contractors and leaders and we love to inspire them. We look forward to working with you as a partner in your communities.











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HOUSING through EDUCATION contains two themes of learning: