Construction Worker 101

Practical arts, youth apprenticeship, and assessment program

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High school students can sign up for a program that is bringing a new face to Practical Arts and make a difference in their community and obtain real life skills. In addition, 15 year old to 29 year old vulnerable youth who are not registered in school can benefit from this by gaining knowledge, life skills and by participating in a program that teaches construction while learning and building right at home.

We are a mobile practical arts program that gives students exposure to the construction trades while building a complete home with peers and some of which who are working towards a diploma they may have already given up on. Integrated Services assists in oneonone individual assessment to make sure each student has the pre requirements and is given all the tools. Having this opportunity, leaving the success up to them, and starting their JOURNEY to APPRENTICESHIP Programs. Students may be on assistance through program.

Accreditation: Saskatchewan High School  receives high school credit, 300 future apprenticeship hours in the trades from SYA and a Bursary in the FINANCIAL LITERACY 101 module.

Alberta high school students receive 350 hours through the RAP program for future apprenticeship hours, almost 20 high school credits and, if it attaches to work experience being employment for a set about of hours, once complete they can receive another 20 credits. Vulnerable youth are on assistance during program. Safety Tickets come with the course as well.


12 Students

Targeting High School & Vulnerable Youth


Depends on the build size. 

Single adult living: 7 weeks


YCHomes in conjunction with Saskatchewan Polytechnic is proud to offer CONSTRUCTION WORKER 101. This online training has been developed using content from the Carpenter Apprenticeship curriculum used at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. The modules used in this program will gain students valuable knowledge in the Carpenter trade and prepare them for work on a jobsite. This training uses Brightspace by D2L which offers a variety of tools to create an engaging learning environment while maintaining ease of use.

Note: These programs are customiZed by each community