Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RTM?

RTM is short for ready to move. This refers to houses that are constructed at our site, and oved to your site when completed. They are not the same as mobile or modular homes. RTMs are fully finished and delivered in one piece to your site. Once on the foundation they require very little work to complete.

Why YCH?

We focus on aboriginal housing. Our business model embraces 3 things: Education/jobs, Quality construction, family choices.

What are the advantages of buying an RTM as opposed to building onsite?

  • Quality control- we have dedicated construction supervisors that oversee the construction process. Our trade’s people are extremely proud of the quality work they produce.
  • Time saving-the foundation can be built while the home is being constructed
  • Convenience- let us deal with the day to day details rather than handling the scheduling of several contractors on your own
  • Are houses inspected as they are built?

Our builders are CSA approved. CSA has a strict quality control program that we must adhere to.

Will the walls crack during the move?

Every RTM will experience some minor cracks in the drywall during the move. These cracks are cosmetic and do not impact the structural integrity of your home. Once the home is on the foundation someone will be scheduled to come repair the cracks

What happens if the RTM is damaged during the move?

We use only the best movers and they are fully insured. You’re not liable for the home until it is placed on the foundation.

How much is it to move an RTM?

Cost depends on size of the home and where it’s being moved to

Do you build basements and garages?

Yes, for additional costs

How long does it take to build a house?

Currently homes are taking 10-12 weeks to build. Many factors can affect the delivery time such as: style of home, late customer information, weather and rod bans, and education process.

How much room is needed to move a house onto the foundation?

Approx. 25 ft. more than the length of the house is needed; but, it can vary from each site.

What size of house can we move?

Depending upon land location, we can usually move houses that are up to 36’ wide by 60’ long. Certain circumstances may allow or limit us to build within this size range.

Who builds my foundation?

We leave the choice of foundation contractors up to you, but provide a foundation drawing that can be used by your contractor. Many types of foundations are acceptable such as wood, concrete or ICF

What do I need to do once my RTM is on the foundation?

Install basement stairs, install electrical services, install heating system, finish the plumbing system, install septic and water services