Saskatchewan Building Trades Working with Indigenous People

The Saskatchewan Building Trades have recently adopted a new vision statement to direct and support on-going
relationships with Indigenous people, governments and communities in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Building Trades has been committed to increasing awareness through past training and
implementing an advanced training session that includes cultural protocols and culture for a further
understanding and commitment to reconciliation.

Over 5 years ago the Saskatchewan Building Trades first embarked in training in Myths and Misconceptions of
Indigenous People Training and implement a Labour Development Strategist to develop opportunities to work
with Indigenous people in the business sector.

"In the last number of years we have placed an emphasis on ensuring that Indigenous people see unionized
construction as a great career choice," said Terry Parker, Executive Director for the Saskatchewan Building Trades.
"We want Indigenous people, contractors and owners of construction projects to know that we have trained and
skilled Indigenous workers to build their projects."

The Saskatchewan Building Trades adopted the following vision statement:

Through training and the benefits of membership in affiliated unions, the Saskatchewan Building Trades will
work with indigenous people and communities to produce the best tradespeople in Saskatchewan.

"We know that aboriginal people represent an untapped workforce in Canada," said Bob Blakely, chief operating
officer of Canada's Building Trades Unions. "We also know that in our business if you want to employ Indigenous
people you have to start with Indigenous members in affiliated building trades unions."

The Saskatchewan Building Trades have noted that project owners are increasingly requiring that contractors
commit to employing Indigenous people and / or partnering with Indigenous organizations. As an organization
committed to meeting the needs of employers the affiliated unions of the Saskatchewan Building Trades have
placed an emphasis on recruiting and retaining Indigenous workers.

"Building Trades Unions in Canada have made a tremendous commitment to training through extensive
investments in programming and state of the art training facilities," said Robert Kucheran, Chairman of the
Canadian Executive Board of Canada's Building Trades Unions. "Young Indigenous people are looking for good
training and career opportunities and the construction trades provide those opportunities."

The Saskatchewan Building Trades are composed of 13 construction unions with over 7000 members in


For more information, contact:
Terry Parker, Saskatchewan Building Trades