House Inspection & Housing Management Trainingt.png

OVERVIEW (Home Inspection)

Understanding code and regulations, providing the skills needed to look at a home for inspection issues, identify future issues, and stimulate interest in certification for a career path.


5 days


8 in-class


  • roofing

  • building structure

  • electrical

  • heating

  • plumbing

  • exterior

  • interior

  • insulation

  • air quality

  • mold causes

OVERVIEW (Housing Management)

This program can help you make a difference, it teaches you how to be effective and efficient in your work. Includes project management training, which teaches you how to manage people and projects. Train housing managers to assist communities to benefit from affordable, healthy, high quality, and well-maintained housing


  • housing management

  • housing administration

  • financial management

  • interpersonal communications

  • introduction to construction and renovations

  • project management

  • software training

  • scope of work

  • housing policy