Renovation Warrior 101

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RENOVATION WARRIORS 101 focuses on renovation, and uses some of the modules from CONSTRUCTION WORKER 101 for the rebuild. Project management is introduced having students look at a job as if they were paying someone to do it out of their pocket. Starting with a customer wanting a FREE ESTIMATE and calculating a quote to creating a scope of work from tear out to the unknown of what’s behind that wall. They don’t manage people, but rather time and deadlines while getting an understanding and managing the plan of action.

Where the Warrior comes in it is with the empowerment, as the program ties the program with martial arts training. What they get out of it is interpersonal skills like confidence, control, empowerment and respect, and those are great qualities to have as a manager.


5 days


8 in-class


  • identifying the issues

  • create scope of work for demolition

  • visually and physically inspect

  • safety equipment needed

  • which module to use

  • start demo

  • identify unseen issues

  • create scope of work for repair

  • estimate process for repair

  • identify module

  • estimate repair time

  • estimate material needed